Tuesday, July 11, 2017

My Many Ways of Learning

Even though I learned things the way I was taught in public school, and followed directions to the letter to learn to play a musical instrument to a professional level, there are other ways I learn things.

I explore new things and I learn them in different ways.

Without the coaching of step-by-step hand positions and tables of facts to memorize, I employ my curiosity with a very different rhythm.

The rhythm changes according to what I am learning and how new it is to me.

Sometimes I read the directions over and over again.

Sometimes I just jump in.

Sometimes I take tiny, tiny steps over a long period of time.

Sometimes, I gather materials and create a bunch of things all at once.

All these ways work.

The little tiny steps gradually grow into a large useful product.

The spontaneously created things get refined.

The patterns I make up as I go get modified as I go until I have a delightful finished product.

The imaginative use of materials is one of my favorite ways to learn.

I, myself, have no idea of the results until I see them take shape.

The favorite thing that I have learned is that I enjoy these many different approaches and that I am not tied to any preconceived results.

© 2017 Kathryn Hardage

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