Thursday, April 18, 2013

What is Going On Inside and What is Going On Outside

Do not get confused about your own development.

What is going on outside is the result of collective thought, reactions, distractions, media harassment, etc.

What is going on inside is under your direct control.

This includes choosing whether to react or not, choosing your readings, your meditations.

Watch the emotional content of your mind to see which kinds of feelings create the most productive atmosphere for you.

As you create the most productive atmosphere for yourself, you will find the outside taking shape differently.

It will begin to conform to your new self-direction.

Even though you will still confront obstacles, you will be able to decide if solving them or reacting to them is your best course.

Maybe going around them is.

I am learning what my focus is, and even though I have a habit of wanting to jump in and help people solve their problems. 

That is not my job.

They are in the best position to do that for themselves.

No one else can see what I am working on from my viewpoint either.

That is my work alone.

Now that I am not just reacting to crises from my habitual thinking, I can feel a much deeper long-term calm pervading my work.

As I work to further my goals, I am able to build a deeper foundation for myself, one that is more secure for the contributions which I feel drawn to make to society.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, April 8, 2013

Your Own Tune

Are you adding to the the terror, unrest, fear, disturbance?

Or are you adding to the peace?

Reacting to the news or anyone’s opinion on anything can add to the disturbance or add to the peace.

Our lives are completely governed by our very own thoughts.

It is too simple.

But what are we actually thinking?

That is the trick.

Our place in this world is to fulfill our purpose.

We are not here to dance to someone else’s tune, be it pleasant or foul.

But right now, the loudest tunes playing seem to be foul.

It wouldn’t matter even if the tune were pleasant and lulling us to a false peace.

Our most valuable part is the thoughts we contribute.

We can acknowledge that we have a place and part to play in this world for good, for peace, for expression.

Or we can react to the news stories of foul play in the media.

Our lives are directed by what we accept.

We are here to do a good work.

Nothing that is said or reported in the media can take away that fact.

The truth of that fact gives us our place and our role right here in today’s world.

We are living our lives according to the tune that is written within.

Play a wonderful, remarkable, powerful tune.

Show us how to dance to that.

© 2013 Kathryn Hardage