Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Being in Touch

Being in Touch

We may feel a lot of tension, most of it quite unnoticeable, because we are not yet really in touch with ourselves.

We have been conditioned to follow directions, go for certain types of economic and social goals, and yet, these may have nothing to do with what our own true goals are.

This produces a lot of tension, but since we are so used to feeling that way, we may not identify it correctly.

When we do find ourselves getting out of the made rush through illness, a sense of disorientation or lack of meaning, failure or simple fatigue, it gives us a change to look at things differently.

In the priority of gaining back our health, relaxing and slowing down, we have the opportunity to reassess what we are doing and why.

When we allow our true feelings to surface, we may be surprised to discover what they are.

Quite often, our true feelings reveal interests and priorities that have absolutely nothing to do with society’s values around us.

So, this is the moment of courage.

While you are feeling your weakest physically you may draw on the courage you never knew you had to change direction.

You will find that this contributes greatly to your health, your sense of focus and direction, your imagination, sense of purpose and your happiness.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage
Young Person’s Mentor