Friday, April 4, 2014

Findings Within

Until we find out who we are from within, we really don’t know who we are at all.

Our sense of ourselves has to come from within.

We can gain the tools of self-discovery from various sources.

We have to apply them, though, in order to create our individual identity.

The same way that we have been created and now identify with our past and current surroundings, we can discover new possibilities for ourselves based on our deep desires.

Looking deeply at what we desire, and letting it be unified with uplifting and benefitting society and civilization, we focus and expand our desires.

The more they benefit everyone, the more they benefit us.

As we expand ourselves through our desires, we expand ourselves through our service.

All we can really do comes from within.

Our abilities come from our thoughts.

Our strength is also powered by our thoughts.

Our relationships are most certainly decided by our thoughts.

Everything we present as ourselves has been shaped from various influences.

If we want to change what we are presenting, we have the perfect tools within.

Listening first.

Listening again.

Listening quietly.

Listening persistently.

We will begin to hear that elusive, small voice.

It is the one that is always there, underneath all the noise.

And then, one day, after we have tired of our surroundings and are willing to trust what we hear from within, we will hear it, that voice.

That voice within, that is our own.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Living in peace

How you make decisions helps you live in peace.

Going within to give deep consideration prevents hasty actions.

Deep consideration may take only a few moments, but it will give you a peaceful basis to work from.

There are so many choices in how to spend your time.

Making sure you value it is one way of living in peace.

Recognizing that you are here to make a contribution to society and civilization gives you a deep purpose for your life.

Learning to draw on deep resources within is a way to live in peace.

Making sure you are the one making decisions is a way to live in peace.

No one can see your life from the best perspective except you.

Others may see good potential directions for you to go.

It is fine to try them out.

Certainly you do not want to waste your time going down fruitless, unproductive roads.

But if it happens, as it does to most of us, you can find your way again, by going deep within and listening to your guidance.

You can constantly monitor your life that way and make decisions, or corrections, based on your deep peace within.

© 2014 Kathryn Hardage