Monday, December 14, 2015

Peaceful Energy

At a recent conference for improving the bio-region, I met several “young people” who were engaged in this long-term activity.

In the midst of all the teen angst and search for self-definition, meaning and purpose, they have found a calm, peaceful energy within themselves.

One had a natural evolution from the mainstream school culture.  He immersed himself in discovering interesting things on YouTube and let it be known that he wanted to be around Nature.  That led to a job on an herb farm within a few months after graduation.

A young woman who has graduated college with a combination major she designed herself is volunteering in the PeaceNook, a bookstore which also carries Fair Trade products.

Another young woman is contributing to peace through her courage to sit with those considered suicidal and to maintain a place for them within her heart, a truly courageous contribution.

Another young woman describes herself as a “senior parent” of a nine-year-old, compared to the many parents of very young children at the conference.  She raised her daughter in a isolated Nature area and they are now living in a town where she provides Story Time and other activities.

We ran into someone who described herself as a “reader” when she saw my husband and my books on our table.  She prefers books to TV.  We were so delighted to meet her.

I am so comforted by the consistent definition these several young people provided for me for this generation.

Despite the media harassment, I am seeing a different movement happening, a deeper one with meaning and maturity and purpose.

And it started twenty and thirty years ago, when these people were born.

It makes me feel much better about humanity’s future.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


Although it is not my favorite, rejection can be a way into a higher place.

Without the resources and distractions of people and society, it is possible to find a place of comfort that is immune to cruelty.

It turns out that this is an Infinite Place.

And, once you define it for yourself, you can return there at any time.

Oh, and every once in a while, you will find someone else there, too, although this Place has many other resources of a different kind of life available.

The temptations of being in the herd - the protection, the leadership, the safety of conformity, the acceptance - are pretty small once you find this Infinite Place.

After all, it was because of your individuality that you got yourself thrown out in the first place.

You were already uncomfortable about aspects of society.

You were not trustful; you had been betrayed.

You were not willing to bury yourself in society’s dissatisfying employment.

Your relationships just did not work out.

Because you have already had a taste of your own individuality, you have actually laid the groundwork for the transitional step of rejection.

The next step of disorientation and searching takes you toward the Infinite Place.

Don’t worry.

You will not give up.

You are too uncomfortable where you are.

You will keep taking the next step until you find it, this other, infinite, place.

Your one step takes you off the traditional path, and it will give you more than a traditional reward.

You are definitely on your way.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Space for Big Ideas

If you have a big idea, it will not fit into a small space.

Mainly, the space you give your ideas is in your mind plus the amount of time you spend thinking and dreaming about them.

After you start writing about them, you may begin collecting the things you need to make them.

You may collect materials and make lots and lots of samples as you practice and refine the experience of doing what you love.

You may create a website to showcase your work.

You may rent a booth at a craft fair or Farmer’s Market.

You may offer workshops.

As you spend time and effort pleasing just yourself with what you do, it will grow in the most appropriate and delightful ways.

Keep pleasing yourself.

Other’s opinions will just slow you down.

Your destination is bigger and farther than anyone else can see, since they can only see the steps you have already taken.

Keep producing your short-term projects on the way to your long-term ones.

You will create the space you need for every step.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Perfect Balance

As a young person, there are so many things you can do.

You can read, write, operate a computer, exercise, dance, converse.

But what of your inner gifts?

Where do they take you?

What is your purpose?

As you listen, within, you begin to find a balance between what you truly love and want to do and your purpose.

You may not be working at a job which takes you toward those things, but as you consider them in your mind, you give them permission to guide you.

More and more, as you move to the balance that you crave, you give yourself strength to leave the pervasive distractions of your current circumstances.

You become able to feel and act on intuition.

You become stronger in your inner gifts and you begin to see their effects on your outward life.

You move into balance between your desires to live and share your gifts and your ability to do so.

Listen inwardly, feel the guidance, trust your intuition and act on it, and you will find your perfect delightful and satisfying balance.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Seven Billion

What do I know about the seven billion of us?

I know that each one of us is unlimited.

That we each possess an amazing mind.

That we are capable of immense expansion.

In our views.

In our experiences.

In our contacts.

Through imagination, we can explore possibilities.

The ones that are most attractive we can bring into our experience in all the glorious detail we can think of.

We are all composed of dreams, and skills and the ability to communicate in so many different ways.

Learning new languages.

Learning new skills.

Building communities based on long-term values which include everyone.

That is what I know about all seven billion of us.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, July 18, 2015


We are moving faster and faster toward our goal of peace on earth as our new solutions lift us above old practices.

Old practices are coming into conflict with the higher laws of protection and abundance and value for all of us.

The inspiration that is available to all is becoming dominant in the consciousness of more and more people.

This inspiration is dissolving the old practices of ignorance and selfishness and opening up a new kind of abundance and prosperity for all of us.

The more ideas we release into the world freely, the more freedom we all feel.

The feeling of freedom releases us to express more and more unlimited ideas.

We bring more and more of us into freedom each time we explore and share a new uplifting idea.

These ideas reach more and more people faster than ever.

We are exploding into a kind of light and happiness which brings all of us along.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Your Own Person

Becoming the person you want to be, despite everything, is still doable.

The choice of occupations may keep changing, but you can still become the person you want to be.

The qualities you express are how you define yourself.

These are what you bring to any enterprise.

As you shape the qualities that you bring, you see how they shape what you are doing.

You can then begin to direct yourself toward your heart’s desire.

What you love will be infused with your best qualities.

You will continually attract what you want to do, along with the wonderful way you are now doing everything in your life.

You will be known for the high quality work you do.

The thing you desire will keep moving toward you as you continue to do your best in everything you do.

Since you have come here with a dream and a desire, you will will keep watching for the unpredictable ways that steps may appear.

You will take the steps you can, and at some point, you will find that they have been leading you to your heart’s desire.

Never give it up.

Do not sell out.

Only your heart’s desire will truly satisfy you and put you in contact with the people who also belong in your best world, your heart’s desire.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What is the Quickest and Surest Way to My Freedom?

Mostly, the advice we all receive is to get a job and save up.

For what?

Do you have a specific plan directed towards personal freedom and service?

Here is one.

With your job, live as frugally as possible, and save everything up toward:

1) a tiny house
2) land to put it on
3) training to build earthships
4) land to put it on

With this kind of goal, you can create your first step towards freedom, not ever having a mortgage.

Learning to live without stuff, with just the essentials you need, allows you an amazing amount of freedom.

You can live in the city, near the city, in the country.

Various laws will guide your choices.

In order to make it even better, cultivate skilled people to join you, or cultivate people who are willing to learn skills of self-sufficiency as you are learning them.

They can join you and help build the tiny houses and earthships and help pay for the land.

Learn about Intentional Communities as a possibility.

In these ways you can take conscious, active steps towards your freedom and not be tied to a job and heavy expenses for all the years of your life.

This is a better dream than the one promoted by the media as the “American Dream” of lots of stuff.

This is a dream which no economic structure can take away from you.

This is a dream which will allow you the time to discover your true gifts and allow you to share them.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What is Happening For All of Us

I feel only the course of uplifting change.

It pulses through everything that is happening today.

We are being driven upward.

The Universe insists on our enlightenment.

It can no longer wait.

This is the moment It has been urging us to.

From the examples of wise leaders, seers, prophets of the past, movements for equality, suffrage, and most recently Occupy and other calls for social justice, we are moving toward the goal of..

Everyone is precious.

We are all worthy.

We all have wonderful contributions to make.

We all deserve our basic needs to be met.

We are insisting on laws that take care of all of us and also laws that do no one harm.

We are realizing the greater good.

We are seeing the potential for unlimited good for all.

We are seeing Greed and Corruption’s dying gasps.

Even the very, very rich are fleeing.

They do not want to be here when the rest of consciousness comes on-line.

They, too, can be part of the greater awakening.

It is tough to give up old habits, though.

But here we go.

We can restrain ourselves no longer.

We must be all that we came here to be.

We must all uplift all of us.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Where is Power?

Is power on the outside or on the inside?

Are you powerful when someone else pushes you to do something?

Or are you powerful when you decide to do something and do it?

When are you most powerful?

When is your government most powerful?

When it pushes you to do something?

Or when it has laws which use the resources of all for the good of all?

What is the source of your power?

Is it the influences from without or the ideas which come to you from within?

How do you keep your power flowing?

By getting pumped up from without or trusting the quiet, persistent guidance from within?

What happens when your power overflows and you are joined by others who have discovered their power from within?

What happens when there is awareness and consciousness-raising?

What happens when there is the deepest love and consideration so that everyone is fulfilled in their work?

What happens when we use our forces for good to take care of everyone?

We create a new society and our civilization takes a new turn.

Let’s see what that will look like.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Compassion and Action

Where does your compassion take you?

Do you think about others as you do yourself?

Do you volunteer?



Your thoughts about compassion for others will lead you to take appropriate action for yourself.

Thinking about how to improve your involvement is a first step.

Then, keep yourself moving forward as you feel impelled until you can take the next step.

You are precious, as we all are.

You can give generously of your immense resources, in thought and action.

Listen for your opportunity.

It is there for you.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Monday, January 19, 2015

At One With Myself

I am neither frantic nor disordered nor anxious, words which certainly characterized me for years and years.

I tried to do everything I was supposed to do, including being excellent in a field I had not chosen.

Now that I am doing the things I have always wanted to do, even though there are so many of them, and I am doing them all simultaneously, there is order and happiness in my life.

You cannot discipline the gap between what you feel you have to do and what you feel your calling is.

Discipline and obedience to something outside your own soul is useless.

Eventually, you will have to return to yourself, even if it is for the first time, in order to be relaxed.

I am grateful I was driven to find my own way.

I am grateful I was so uncomfortable and sick that i had to leave all my old practices behind.

I am grateful that there were no alternatives to jumping off the edge into what I have always longed to do, even though it looked like there was no way and it was extremely impractical.

It is extremely impractical to pull yourself apart away from your dream.  There are health consequences, personality issues, and a general feeling of disquiet and constant anxiety.

Being yourself is the best thing that can happen to you and it is worth fighting for.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage