Monday, November 28, 2016

A Whisper in the Heart

How you know who you are comes as a whisper in the heart.

No matter what else you have been doing, even for your whole life or work experience, there is a whisper from deep within.

This is your identity.

It wants to be expressed.

Even though you may not have had the training for what you want to do, it will be attracted to you, once you acknowledge it.

This whisper is the key to your joy and happiness.

It’s realization will bring you the kind of satisfaction and success nothing else will.

It may pull you away from what you are doing now, in fact it should, if you want to live a truly satisfying life.

It will create circumstances in your life which will make you willing to do whatever it takes, once you begin to honor it by listening to it.

Trust this whisper.

It is the reason you are here.

It is the reason for your existence.

It is the only way you will ever fill truly fulfilled and attract all the wonderful things you have ever wanted into your life.

Trust it, listen to it, follow it.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Friday, November 25, 2016

Observations on Becoming

What I thought was discordant and distressing was part of the process of becoming.

The resistance to present surroundings was a desire for rebirth into another existence.

That desire produced conflict after conflict until the bonds were broken, and the rebirth into another world, or version of it, were achieved.

No longer constrained in an undesirable world, there was more freedom to experiment and to create the new world.

My role was to be caregiver and creator of enough safety to prevent self-destruction while enough power was amassed to create lift-off.

Once in orbit, getting used to life without the constraints of gravity, a new course could be set.

At the new destination, a whole new set of relationships, tools, techniques, and goals had to be shaped, and honed.

Finally, the ability to function in the new world was achieved.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Continue to Create

I am creative.

I am creating the atmosphere around me.

My thought uplifts or depresses the actions I take.

I am living the wealth of my own thoughts.

With them, I can push back the depression of inaction.

With them, I can create harmony.

With them, wealth flows naturally to me, because I create a place for it.

By giving freely, I am able to receive freely.

All of us posses spiritual wealth because we possess spiritual identity through our spiritual qualities.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Saturday, November 12, 2016

What We Are Evolving

I had a long discussion with one of my adult children.

I told her it will be all right.

To me, it feels like the same kind of crisis on a national level as when a person loses their footing.

For a while, it is scary and even dangerous, and then you find your footing and you are much more focused, much better directed.

It’s just that it is happening on a national level.

So many people feel disoriented and the stakes are really, really high.

But the solutions which are already in process are really, really powerful.

The things that are good are good from the ground up.

There are no leaks in what is good.

The things that are true are universally and eternally true.

The things that work, work for everyone.

Nature is not partial.

And so, if through greed and selfishness and short-sightedness, on the part of our country’s leadership, we go through this crisis, the solutions which have always been there, will become more apparent as we are moved to draw on them.

And moved we will be.

The minds of people are much more satisfied when they are given substantial work to do.

Shallow entertainment does not produce restfulness.

So we will employ our minds and we will employ our hands and we will become much, much happier in this new life which develops outwardly even as it develops inwardly.

The actual “truths which we hold self-evident” “that all men are created equal” and have the right  to pursue happiness aided by a just government, are available to all of us once we seek to reestablish them in a way which benefits all of us.

It will be nice to see how our evolving new approach blesses and benefits all of us.

 2016 Kathryn Hardage