Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What Is Your True Path?

The knowledge of your true path is within you.

It is not what society tells you.

It is not what your significant other tells you.

It is what is in the deep heart and soul of your being.

When you find yourself needing some quiet time, or you are facing discouragement, or you find the direction you are going intolerable, this is when you can begin to discover your true path.

You will know it by its uniqueness, and by its perfect fit for you.

It may take you in a completely different direction from what you expected.

It may extend where you are now.

It may focus on one tiny little aspect of what you are doing.

But it will feel perfect.

And you will realize a new kind of satisfaction.

One that begins with what is inside you.

This is your path.

It will meet your every need.

And it will put you in touch with those who think as you do, and who are satisfied with what they have discovered for themselves from within.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Your Own Dream

Your dream is your own.

So are your resources.

Your dream will always challenge you to expand your resources.

Take the time to figure it out.

Take the temporary steps you need to take, but don’t let them substitute for your own dream.

Your own dream will keep building in your mind.

Get a quiet spot where you can consistently devote time to it.

What you nurture will grow.

Nurture your dream, not your dissatisfaction.

Turn within and look at your dream, often.

Let it take you in new directions.

Your life experiences will help you shape your dream.

Your dream will attract people who appreciate it to you.

When you dream is mature enough, you will find people who support it.

While you are nurturing it, remember that other’s opinions are irrelevant.

Only your love for your dream has any value.

Trust yourself.

You were put here for a purpose.

Love whatever that is.

Find out and create your dream.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

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