Saturday, July 30, 2016

Living in Precious Time

Every breath we draw, every blink of our eyes is precious time.

In each moment, we can feel the Presence of something divine.

Within ourselves, evidenced by the perfect system we inhabit, is the Source for all our dreams.

It is the Source for practical living.

It is the Source for creative ideas.

It is the Source for all our solutions.

And the really nice thing is, that nothing we do from our Source interferes with anything anyone else is doing from their Source.

That is really the amazing benefit of Divine Management.

Infinite resources for all of the ideas which inhabit Creation.

So, back to precious time…

…there is intelligence, funding, balance, benefit, timeliness for every idea which is in accord with our highest sense of ourselves.

A Truly Amazing Coincidence.

So do not settle for something less than the best of which you are capable of dreaming.

Only the best, most fulfilling, exciting, dramatic and powerful you is worth your own time.

Think of yourself in terms which are unlimited.

Then you will match up with the divine.

And then you will live in precious time.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Listen Within Often

How can you find out what you need to know?

Your success is deep within you.

Once you get the knack of listening deep within, it becomes more and more natural.

Deep within, you have this amazing identity.

It doesn’t look like anyone else’s.

It is your unique signature.

It is your identity.

It is the reason you are here.

As you discover it, it will lead you to the most amazing and satisfying life.

The outer draw appeals only to your senses.

The inner guidance takes you all the way to your deep identity.

Believe me, you won’t be satisfied until you find your uniqueness.

You will be given the struggles and challenges that make you really value it and give you the strength to carry out your purpose.

You are here for a good work, not just a job.

You are here for an amazing ride.

Go find it.

Listen within, a lot, and often.

© 2016 Kathryn Hardage