Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What is the Quickest and Surest Way to My Freedom?

Mostly, the advice we all receive is to get a job and save up.

For what?

Do you have a specific plan directed towards personal freedom and service?

Here is one.

With your job, live as frugally as possible, and save everything up toward:

1) a tiny house
2) land to put it on
3) training to build earthships
4) land to put it on

With this kind of goal, you can create your first step towards freedom, not ever having a mortgage.

Learning to live without stuff, with just the essentials you need, allows you an amazing amount of freedom.

You can live in the city, near the city, in the country.

Various laws will guide your choices.

In order to make it even better, cultivate skilled people to join you, or cultivate people who are willing to learn skills of self-sufficiency as you are learning them.

They can join you and help build the tiny houses and earthships and help pay for the land.

Learn about Intentional Communities as a possibility.

In these ways you can take conscious, active steps towards your freedom and not be tied to a job and heavy expenses for all the years of your life.

This is a better dream than the one promoted by the media as the “American Dream” of lots of stuff.

This is a dream which no economic structure can take away from you.

This is a dream which will allow you the time to discover your true gifts and allow you to share them.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

What is Happening For All of Us

I feel only the course of uplifting change.

It pulses through everything that is happening today.

We are being driven upward.

The Universe insists on our enlightenment.

It can no longer wait.

This is the moment It has been urging us to.

From the examples of wise leaders, seers, prophets of the past, movements for equality, suffrage, and most recently Occupy and other calls for social justice, we are moving toward the goal of..

Everyone is precious.

We are all worthy.

We all have wonderful contributions to make.

We all deserve our basic needs to be met.

We are insisting on laws that take care of all of us and also laws that do no one harm.

We are realizing the greater good.

We are seeing the potential for unlimited good for all.

We are seeing Greed and Corruption’s dying gasps.

Even the very, very rich are fleeing.

They do not want to be here when the rest of consciousness comes on-line.

They, too, can be part of the greater awakening.

It is tough to give up old habits, though.

But here we go.

We can restrain ourselves no longer.

We must be all that we came here to be.

We must all uplift all of us.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Where is Power?

Is power on the outside or on the inside?

Are you powerful when someone else pushes you to do something?

Or are you powerful when you decide to do something and do it?

When are you most powerful?

When is your government most powerful?

When it pushes you to do something?

Or when it has laws which use the resources of all for the good of all?

What is the source of your power?

Is it the influences from without or the ideas which come to you from within?

How do you keep your power flowing?

By getting pumped up from without or trusting the quiet, persistent guidance from within?

What happens when your power overflows and you are joined by others who have discovered their power from within?

What happens when there is awareness and consciousness-raising?

What happens when there is the deepest love and consideration so that everyone is fulfilled in their work?

What happens when we use our forces for good to take care of everyone?

We create a new society and our civilization takes a new turn.

Let’s see what that will look like.

© 2015 Kathryn Hardage