Thursday, December 6, 2012

Choosing Good


What is the Good that you would choose?

Are you uncertain right now?

Is the ground you grew up on shifting around under you?

You are here for these times.

You are here to bring your short experience of the past into shocked comparison with the unmarked paths into the present and future.

You are the, (sorry to say it), new pioneer on the shores of a vast world continent.

Whether you think you have the skills to negotiate it or not, you will find them.

You are gathering together in solidarity to find the solutions.

You are inspired.

You are possessed.

You will conquer by sharing.

You will include everyone in your compassion.

Never before how so many privileged been thrown into such rich distress.

With fifty percent of you unemployed in the traditional sense, what can you do in the non-traditional sense?

There are so many little things to do.

Can you do them?

Our culture teaches us to revere, worship and strive for the big things to do.

But what are the little things, that doing them, will help large numbers of ourselves?

What are the little things that doing them, will shift our perception of The Economy?

We are all here to do something.

We are all precious.

Everyone is.

Let’s treat us all that way.

What’s Good about that?


It is a plentiful way to live.

© 2012 Kathryn Hardage