Monday, October 15, 2012

Your Emerging Dreams


This is my response to the world that young people are being told they live in.

There is a voice within you that is more persistent and more consistent than anything coming at you from without.

This voice is the one you hear in your sweetest and most fulfilled moments.

It is the strongest direction and guide you could ever have.

You are not part of a failing economy.

You have unique talents that are waiting to be released.

Follow though on what feels like the most delightful and wonderful direction for you.

Take a little step.

Take another one.

You are not the product of someone else’s economic plan.

You can here to live well and be supported by carrying out your dreams.

They are necessary to support others in their pursuit of their dreams.

As you participate in this economy and use your resources, you will align yourself with those who are receptive to your ideas.

As you pursue relationships with those who are working to uplift society and civilization and to share your talents with them, unusual and unexpected opportunities will open up for you.

Insist on this kind of life for yourself.

Require it of yourself.

Without any view or expectation from the world around you, take the first step from within and build up your strength and practice in doing that.

You will find coincidences and circumstances changing to support your uplifting and emerging talents.

© 2012 Kathryn Hardage